Domestic Violence

Domestic violence and restraining orders

If the police respond to a domestic violence allegation, an arrest will occur. Jefferson County residents accused of violence or threats of violence against a spouse or significant other require immediate representation.

If the police show up at your door in response to a call alleging domestic violence, chances are you will be arrested. That decision based on probable cause is only the start of a fast criminal process focused on an admission of guilt or conviction of the crime. You need immediate representation to counter law enforcement’s aggressive approach and protect your rights. In addition, you need the insight ofa former prosecutor who has firsthand experience in these cases.

Once an arrest has occurred, the accused cannot be released until having the bond set by a judge. Conditions are likely to be placed on that bond, specifically no contact with the alleged “victim” who may file for a restraining order. Vacating the home may be required while possessing a weapon or consuming alcohol may be forbidden. Violating the bond results in a second criminal charge.


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