Domestic Violence

If the police respond to a domestic violence allegation, an arrest will occur. Jefferson County residents accused of violence or threats of violence against a spouse or significant other require immediate representation.

Drug Crimes

Criminal allegations often involve meth, heroin, cocaine, ecstasy, marijuana, and prescription drugs. Specific crimes include


In addition to fines and possible jail time for DUI, the Department of Motor Vehicles often revokes driver’s licenses if an administrative hearing is not scheduled in a timely manner.


Many assault convictions carry mandatory prison time. Many cases involve self-defense, mandating the help of a criminal defense lawyer to build a strong, fact-based defense of the serious allegations. However, overzealous prosecutors insist on filing assault charges.

White Collar

Dave being a former prosecutor understands how the opposing side handles these serious and complex legal matters. He also has an investigator who has over 26 years as a forensic accountant to assist him on these matters.

Other Areas

We also represent clients needing help with early termination of probation, pardons, and commutations.

Sex Offenses

The allegation of a sex crime ruins reputations. The conviction of a sex crime impacts freedoms and futures. Our job is to minimize the impact and pursue the best outcome on behalf of our clients facing serious, lifetime penalties.

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